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Qingdao Winda Wellfull Supply Chain Corporation is a supply chain Corporation which is established by China Wanda Group It was honored as China (Qingdao) cross-border e-commerce demonstration enterprise in comprehensive pilot area and Shandong provincial-level comprehensive trading services enterprise in 2016 and is committed to the construction of a whole-process and comprehensive foreign trade service platform. It provides one-stop foreign trade service for enterprises, including customs clearance, commodity inspection, logistics, foreign exchange settlement, insurance, financing, training, exhibition services, taxation norms, etc. Through a systematic platform construction, it aims to reduce the operational cost of medium-sized and small enterprises, to help them improve their competitive advantages as well as strive to expand the global market, to solve their financing difficulties , so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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Address: room 1504, No. 54, Ding ye International Building, No. 54 Moscow Road, Huangdao Free Trade Zone

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